State Democratic Party positions on Statewide Propositions:

Prop 14 Borrowing for STEM Cell Research: ​SUPPORT
Prop 15 Schools and Communities First: ​SUPPORT
Prop 16 Repeals Proposition 209, ​ending the ban on affirmative action: ​SUPPORT
Prop 17 Free the Vote, ​grants the right to vote to people on parole: ​SUPPORT
Prop 18 Allows 17 year olds to vote, if they turn 18 by the general election: ​SUPPORT
Prop 19 Property Tax Breaks and Wildfire Fund: ​SUPPORT
Prop 20 Tougher on parole, property crimes: ​OPPOSE
Prop 21 Rent Control: ​SUPPORT
Prop 22 Exempts Uber & Lyft from providing drivers the benefits they deserve. Driver's rights over Uber/Lyft profit​: ​OPPOSE
Prop 23 ​Regulates dialysis clinics: ​SUPPORT

Prop 24 ​Stronger consumer privacy laws: ​NEUTRAL

Prop 25 End Cash Bail: ​SUPPORT

Local Measures endorsed by the Butte County Democratic Party

Measure E Provides for a change to the City of Chico charter to allow for District elections: Yes

Measure G Reduces the age of eligibility to run for Chico City Council from 21 to 18 years of age.  which would bring these requirements in line with those of other offices in the State: Yes

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