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Now is the Time to Join the Fight To Save Chico!

Our city is at a crossroads. One path leads to a picturesque community with a small-town vibe, bike and walking paths, clean air and open roads. The other path leads to a sprawling, noisy, congested mega-city with suburbs stretching out in all directions, traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, and an impersonal population that has no shared interest in Keeping Chico, Chico.

The current Chico City Council majority was put in place by big money interests who want to control our city. They want to control the way Chico grows and who can afford to live here. There are already massive subdivisions being rubber-stamped by the council for the eastern edge of Chico - right in a designated Fire Zone. If they keep the council majority in 2024, we can expect a future of ever-growing sprawl until the town we know has been swallowed whole.

Addison Winslow (4th District) appears to have won a seat on City Council in our recent election. Monica McDaniel (3rd District) is so close, and may also win.

They will need our help and support going forward to protect and promote the City we love.

Butte Democratic Headquarters in Chico is now closed.
We will open a new HQ in 2024

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Nov 8th Election Results are available here at the County Clerk recorder's site.

The 2024 Blue wave is coming, meanwhile, we have a lot of work to do registering voters and doing Democratic outreach prior to the next election.
City Council races will be held in District 1, 3 and 5. This will be an exciting election!

Want to volunteer? 
Just ask HOW CAN I HELP?


      Mailing address: 1692 Mangrove Avenue, Box #502

      Chico, CA 95926​