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The Butte County Democratic Party response to the Chico City Council's mishandling of the homeless issue.

It has been said that incompetence is expensive, and we need look no further than the recent actions of the Chico City Council.  Their misguided handling of our unhoused individuals has been a disaster. 

Federal judge Morrison C. England, Jr., confirmed in open court in Sacramento on April 23rd that the conservative wing of the Chico City Council has breached its duties to Chicoans by taking no action to make shelter available to people who need it, by promoting lies to defend that inaction, by passing ordinances so vague they cannot legally be enforced, and by using public funds to stage police actions that are popular with some because they are “anti-homeless,” but that are illegal. 

This is the same gang that wants to let the Shelter Emergency Declaration expire in June so that they can pretend they “solved” the shelter emergency.  Letting the declaration expire would make Chico ineligible for state and federal grants that have yielded more than $850,000 over the last few years to address this issue, and would imperil Chico's chances of getting state and federal housing crisis funds in the future. It makes no sense to stage another political stunt that will not address the problem and will leave Chico without valuable outside resources to do so, possibly for many years to come. 

It is time for “leaders” to show leadership. Lead by being honest with voters, telling them that it is a violation of the United States Constitution to criminalize having nowhere to go when adequate shelter is not available. Lead by defending the constitutional rights of all, not just those of yourself and your political allies. Lead by taking concrete steps to address the homelessness problem in Chico, a problem that everyone agrees must be addressed.

The City should, as soon as possible, designate a safe, sanctioned campground for unhoused people to stay until they can find affordable housing. As the Enterprise-Record editorial board pointed out on April 25th, there are multiple possible locations. The City should make the designation in consultation with the unhoused plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit, as directed by Judge England. Getting the lawsuit settled quickly will avoid the expenditure of more taxpayer money on the fool’s errand of defending the legally indefensible.

If You Missed This Live Event You Can Still Watch It On YouTube! Just click here: Chavez-King (Virtual) Dinner, a musical celebration!
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Our Annual Spring Fundraiser Was a Great Success! Thank You To Everyone Who Joined In And Participated!

The 12th Annual Chavez King (Virtual) Dinner and Online Auction was a two-part event, starting with a 12-day online auction. 63 enticing items were available (thanks to all the generous donors for providing amazing fine art, crafts, services and gift certificates); and 192 bidders from eight counties joined in the spirited contest. Then on March 20th we hosted a livestreamed party with some of our favorite musical artists and special guests!

The Butte County Democratic Party wishes to thank our host, Samantha Shaner, for being such a stellar master of ceremonies! And another round of applause for our musical performers: Big Mo and the Full Moon Band, the Bidwells, and the Ascenders! Proof that Butte County enjoys an abundance of musical riches.

The 12th Annual Chavez King (Virtual) Dinner was Co-Hosted by the California Nurses Association, SEIU Local 1021, Rusty Hicks, and Betty Yee, and sponsored by the California Teachers Association, Melahat Rafiei, and Daraka Larimore-Hall.



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