Butte County is now 100% Vote-by-Mail. Mailing is perfectly safe, and can be done even on election day, but using Ballot Drop Boxes or Voter Assistance Centers to deliver your ballot, may be preferred.

   1. When will the Butte County Elections Office mail my ballot?

       Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters in Butte County several weeks before election day.  If you don't received a ballot please go to a Voter Assistance Center to get and vote a ballot. We will have a list of all the Voter Assistance Centers in Butte County as the next election day approaches.

   2. Do Ballots Require Stamps?

       No, postage for your ballot is prepaid, making mailing your ballot free of expense.

   3. Is a Signature required on the back of the envelope?

       Yes. For your ballot to be officially counted you must sign and date the back of your envelope. Your signature on your ballot will be compared to the signature on your voter registration card to ensure that they match.

  4. Must the ballot be in an envelope if putting the ballot in a drop box?

        Yes. A ballot in a drop box which is not in its envelope will not be counted. The signed envelope is required. If you have done this, please go to a Voter Assistance Center for a new ballot.

  5. Can I vote at my usual polling place?

   No. There are no traditional polling places with rosters of voters. There are only Voter Assistance Centers and ballot drop boxes and mail-in options.

Voter Assistance Centers have more services available than traditional Polling Places. A voter is able to register to vote and then vote with a conditional or provisional ballot. A voter is also able to drop off a voted ballot, get a replacement ballot, get language assistance, or mark a ballot using ADA accessible devices. The Voter Assistance Centers staff have real-time access to the County’s Election Management System, allowing them to update the status of each voter (for example, if you’ve moved recently, or were displaced by the Camp Fire and still want to vote as a resident of the Ridge). A key difference between a Voter Assistance  Center and a polling place is that any voter can go to any Voter Assistance Center in Butte County and get the same services no matter which precinct they reside in.​

Please refer to the website of the County Clerk for the most up-to-date information about the locations and hours of operation for Voter Assistance Centers and Ballot Drop Boxes.