Big Changes in the way we vote this March and ongoing. 


Two big changes are coming to Butte County just after the new year –HOW we vote and When we vote.


All vote by Mail!

While many people enjoy the civically-minded ritual of going to vote in person, the entire state is gradually shifting to “100% vote by mail” voting.  It used to be that only persons who requested a mail ballot would be sent one.  In the March 2020 primary, every registered voter will be mailed a ballot at their registered mailing address, whether they asked for one or not.  If you have not been a “vote by mail” voter before, you should check your mail carefully starting in early February to be sure that you don’t discard your ballot as junk mail.  It’s not junk.  It’s democracy!!

You can fill out and put your ballot in the mail (no postage necessary) at any time up through March 3. 

There will be thirteen voting centers throughout the county, operating for between four and eleven days before the election, where you can drop off a ballot, get a replacement ballot, vote on a voting machine, or clear up any confusion about your voting address.  (This could be important for persons displaced by the Camp Fire who want to vote as residents of the Ridge.)  The County Clerk has great resources on the new all vote by mail.


The primary election will be on March 3. 

Primary elections are the elections in which parties choose their presidential candidates who later run against each other in a November general election.  Primaries also choose candidates for state and county offices, such as state Senator, Assemblyperson, and members of the County Board of Supervisors.  For state and county offices, if one candidate gets more than fifty percent of the vote in the primary, they are elected.  If no candidate gets fifty percent, the top two vote-getters appear on a ballot in the November general election, and the vote in the general election decides the race. 

California once held its primary election in the first week of June.  Other states conduct primaries as early as February.   California recently decided to move its primaries earlier in the year, so that it would have more influence on the presidential candidate nomination process.  2020 is the first year Californians will vote in a March primary election.

This year the Primary election is March 3rd, 2020.

There are currently more than ten candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for President.   There will likely still be a robust competition underway in March, when California is one of the first states to vote for a Presidential nominee.   Butte County Democrats encourage everyone to get out and vote for your favorite Presidential candidate.  Your vote in this early election will have an outsized effect, influencing residents of states that will vote after California.

Butte County has three county Board of Supervisors elections in 2020.  For those of you in Supervisor District 4 (much Chico south of 20th St, Durham, Thermalito, Gridley, Biggs and the southern part of the county), please vote for our endorsed candidate Sue Hilderbrand when you vote for your preferred Presidential candidate.   Those in Supervisor District 5 (Paradise and Magalia) have a great endorsed Democrat running: Henry Schleiger. Vote for this intelligent and caring individual ready to help restore the Ridge.


Voting in person is (largely) a thing of the past.  Luckily, voting in this important primary in March will be easier than ever.

Please participate in the Democratic presidential candidate selection process by voting in the March 3 primary election.   It is easier than ever to do so.  Mark your ballot in the races that matter to you, and either put it in the mail (easy) or walk it into a voting center (less easy, maybe more gratifying).  Those of you who have the option to vote for Sue Hilderbrand or Henry Schleiger, please do so. 

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