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The Butte County Democratic Party stands for, defends, and promotes the rights, opportunities, and safety of all citizens. We envision a county that leads in the State of California--a county that is a model of economic prosperity rooted in economic justice.


We support an excellent public education system, from pre-K through college; a universal, single-payer health care system; good union jobs; sustainably planned communities; and most importantly, a strong democratic system that contributes to a secure and peaceful world.


We honor, celebrate, and support the racial, cultural, and gender diversity of Butte County, including immigrant and indigenous people, women, LGBTQ+ people, veterans, artists, children, and seniors. We will work to ensure they receive all needed resources to thrive.


As Democrats, we strive to protect our air, water, and natural resources through renewable energy and we advocate for locating affordable housing near public transportation.

Because we believe in equality, liberty, and justice for all, this 2022 Butte County Democratic Party Platform defends and promotes the values that support all people’s hopes and dreams for a vibrant future.

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