Butte County Democrats support building (and rebuilding) healthy, livable, and sustainable communities that incorporate smart growth principles—urban planning and transportation strategies that concentrate growth in compact walkable centers to avoid sprawl. Smart growth conserves natural resources and facilitates economically prosperous and socially equitable neighborhoods and communities. Butte County will experience rapid and possibly unsustainable growth in the coming decade. Unsustainable growth, if left unchecked, will reduce our energy independence, exacerbate both the climate crisis and urban/suburban sprawl, and increase economic disparities.


Butte County Democrats…

  • Support county and municipal general plans that prioritize development of existing neighborhoods (i.e., infill) and downtown districts over outward growth. 

  • Support the protection of the Greenline, which restricts development in certain agricultural areas on the outskirts of Chico.

  • Call for our Congressional representative to ensure the Department of Interior reviews and responds to the Butte Regional Conservation Plan, which balances growth with environmental conservation, reduces time to completion, and lowers construction costs. 

  • Support local growth policies that encourage the development of low-income, supportive housing projects that include continuum-of-care services to help homeless people reestablish themselves as self-sufficient contributors to society as our county grows.

  • Support inclusionary housing policies and oppose in-lieu development fees that exacerbate income gaps, encourage sprawl, and relegate poorer residents to less desirable areas that frequently suffer from higher pollution levels and pose other health risks.

  • Encourage municipalities to work with non-profit developers, build publicly owned housing, promote co-housing, create housing trusts, and employ other innovative measures to develop affordable housing.

  • Advocate for protecting existing homeowners’ property rights by limiting eminent domain to reasonable public uses and opposing the abuse of eminent domain to take homes without the consent of the owner.

  • Support the expansion of public transportation systems as well as bike and walking paths. 

  • Call for the expansion of green spaces and community gardens in all communities.

  • Promote governmental agency policies and practices that enable communities to be resilient in the event of natural and human-made disasters.

  • Encourage incentives to reclaim and redevelop old, abandoned buildings and brownfields.