Butte County Democrats believe in a universally well-educated population because democracy requires and depends on a well-informed citizenry. Butte County students must have access to world-class public education—preschool through college—that prepares them to live, work and thrive in a multicultural, multilingual, and highly connected world. We must prepare our youth for postsecondary education, career and technical education, and active citizenship in the 21st century. We must keep all students safe as we educate them.

Butte County Democrats…

  • Recognize the importance of education and value the contributions of those who work in one of Butte County’s largest employment sectors.

  • Believe all 4-year-old children in California should have access to a high-quality preschool as an integral part of the public education system.

  • Advocate for supplemental services for children such as high-quality, affordable childcare; preschool and early development centers; and community-based afterschool programs. 

  • Oppose school vouchers for nonpublic education.

  • Support measures that ensure the safety of students and staff in classrooms through implementation of common-sense gun and public health laws, but not through the weaponization of schools (i.e., guns on campus).

  • Treat California schools, colleges, and universities as sanctuaries for all students regardless of immigration status or documentation.

  • Support the implementation of a fair and equitable affirmative action policy in admissions processes at California’s public universities and colleges.

  • Advocate for full funding of public education to correct years of insufficient allocations and equitable distribution of funds to school districts most in need.

  • Call for federal and state governments to fully fund special education.

  • Call for the return to tuition-free public college and university systems for all Californians funded through progressive taxation.

  • Prioritize higher education to correct years of underfunding, some $1 billion each for UC and CSU, in order to ensure a place for all qualified in-state students.

  • Support school systems that provide educators and classified staff with wages commensurate to their expertise and responsibility and with ample opportunities for professional growth.

  • Emphasize sound science and public health considerations in considering when and how to reopen schools in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, for the safety of teachers, students, staff, and their families.

  • Support local schools in providing internet access to all students during the pandemic so all students have access to virtual learning.


  • Support school lunch and other programs that protect children from food insecurity.