Butte County Democrats believe that Butte County surface water and groundwater are public resources that should be controlled by the people of Butte County. As we move toward the sustainable use of groundwater by 2040, as required by California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, Butte County Democrats believe that the choices affecting all residents must be made publicly and transparently, with all concerned parties involved. Equitable water use is essential for county independence and local stability. Public control will ensure that all county residents benefit.

Butte County Democrats…

  • Believe water rights must be protected for all residents of Butte County to preserve our economy, lifestyle, and natural resources.

  • Recognize we must protect the Tuscan Aquifer, the last healthy aquifer in California.

  • Oppose privatizing water, as the end result is to make a shared natural resource less available and affordable to the public.

  • Insist that any plan to construct a pipeline to bring Paradise Irrigation District water to Chico be given full and transparent public consideration.

  • Insist that California Water Company follow through and make the promised system improvements on which it justifies and bases its CPUC-approved customer rate increases.

  • Value Butte County as a place of origin and oppose the transfer of water out of the county except as a last resort.

  • Insist on planning policies that account for climate change, which continues to limit snowpack and the water available to residents of Butte County.