Improved access to expanded health care and social services are among the most pressing issues facing Butte County residents. Butte County Democrats believe that affordable health care services should be available to all and social services should be accessible through a single point of contact. We also believe that every American deserves a secure, healthy, and dignified retirement. 


Butte County Democrats…

  • Oppose efforts to repeal or restrict the Affordable Care Act, which extended health coverage to more than 30,000 county residents who were previously unserved.  

  • Support comprehensive and universal Medicare for All.

  • Call for development of a single point of county contact for people needing services from different county agencies so they can do “one stop shopping.” This will save the county money and improve service delivery.  

  • Support a living wage for caregivers and home-care workers.

  • Support a level of funding for public health services in Butte County that meets or exceeds the California county average.


  • Support increased funding for behavioral health programs, for which demand has increased due to trauma from recent emergencies.


  • Encourage legislation to improve respite care and in-home support services, along with a living wage and better training programs for home-care workers.


  • Support increased funding for drug and alcohol treatment and diversion, including adequate funding for drug court, as this lowers incarceration costs and increases the subject’s chances of securing and retaining housing.

  • Call for county agencies to consider public transportation access in their planning.

  • Support keeping Social Security financially sound by eliminating the payroll tax cap and sufficiently raising benefits (where necessary) so that no recipient must live below the poverty level.


  • Support making Social Security benefits tax exempt and tying the cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) to the consumer price index to protect retirees against inflation.


  • Support removing barriers (i.e., means testing) that limit middle-class residents’ access to social services.

  • Support rational, scientifically based policy to prevent new epidemics/pandemics from spreading or for public health agencies to be able to respond rapidly when they appear.