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Democrats and the America Rescue Plan,

produce the help we need to restore our economy and end the pandemic.


The Butte County Democratic Party celebrates the signing of the American Rescue Plan – legislation that will benefit nearly everyone in the North State. With its direct payments to individuals, a big new child tax credit, help for struggling restaurants and other businesses, covid testing and vaccination support and aid for local governments struggling with the burdens of the pandemic, the American Rescue Plan will help the North State recover and bring back normal.

For everyone who worked hard to support the Biden/Harris team and to elect Democrats to Congress, this is a great reminder of why it mattered.  This legislation is going to help America rise from the pandemic and allow our workers and businesses to recover and get our lives back.  All Americans should be proud of this effort.   Our Thanks to President Biden, and to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for all their work in getting this done!

Reactions from local Democratic leaders:

Butte County Supervisor Debra Lucero: “This is what Democracy with a Big “D” looks like - a commitment to all Americans regardless of wealth, race, or gender and all through an equity lens. Americans who are struggling the most will receive an estimated 20% boost in income.”

Chico City Councilor Alex Brown: “Under new leadership and direction, we are finally headed down the path to recovery, and I am proud and relieved to see this direly-needed relief finding its way to individuals, families, local governments, and businesses.” 

Butte County Democratic Party Chair Linda Draper: “I’m very pleased that President Biden’s American Rescue Plan was passed.  It’s going to be a huge benefit to American families in the short term, but also the long term.  It will have a positive impact on the lives of millions of Americans.”

Democratic Action Club of Chico Chair David Welch: “It may take a while for people to realize how big this legislation is, but Democrats – with every congressional Republican opposed – have passed the biggest anti-poverty initiative in over 50 years.” 


Linda Draper

Chairperson, Butte County Democratic Central Committee


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