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Black Lives Matter

The Butte County Democratic Party stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, George Floyd’s family, and protesters—local, national, and across the globe—in demanding justice and an end to excessive acts of violence by law enforcement. We call for an end to the systemic social and institutional racism that has afflicted our nation for centuries.

Over 1,000 people are killed by police each year in America, with black Americans three times more likely to be killed than white Americans. Butte County has experienced its own sad share of black Americans dying at the hands of law enforcement officers. We no longer accept the status quo, and we seek justice and accountability for the death of Chico’s Desmond Phillips.

The recent murder of George Floyd by a white police officer, knee crushing the back of his neck and preventing him from breathing, has shaken the ground we stand on. The world watched as Mr. Floyd begged for his life. We, the people of conscience, have had enough and demand accountability and real change.  

The Butte County Democratic Party calls on our mayors, city councils, county supervisors, the sheriffs and chiefs of police, and all law enforcement oversight bodies to act—and act swiftly—to address the use of excessive force and injustices in the system.
To begin a process of healing and building trust between the community and law enforcement, the Butte County Democratic Party recommends the following:  

  1. Review (or re-review) all use of force policies.

  2. Report the review findings publicly, with the intent of seeking diverse feedback and the purpose of improving policies and procedures.

  3. Ensure that law enforcement training across the county includes unconscious-bias training and at least 40 hours of de-escalation training certification.

  4. Reform police labor associations and unions to abolish any “code of silence” culture.

  5. Review policing budgets and consider a redistribution of funds, where appropriate, to expand services to address the public’s broader health and wellness needs.

Butte County Democratic Party members are committed to working with our community leaders and police departments. We acknowledge and appreciate the men and women in blue who respect the human dignity of all people. In Butte County, everyone must feel safe regardless of skin color, religion, gender, or who they love.
The time for change has arrived.
Lupita Arim-Law
Chair, Butte County Democrats

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