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As proud Democrats, we believe it is crucial that cities have adequate resources to
fund government services and also meet the needs of their valued employees and citizens. At the
same time, we have deep reservations that the current inept and irresponsible Chico City
Council, its ultra-conservative backers, and current city management have the aptitude or attitude
to use additional tax dollars appropriately. We also understand that many in our community see
this as a rare opportunity to generate desperately needed revenue to take care of front-line city
employees. When our candidates prevail, we will stand behind them in support of finding
additional revenue sources, but for now we must take a neutral stance on Measure H
We urge Chico voters--progressive and conservative, alike--to vote their conscience on Measure H this

Measure L is nothing but silly political performance art. It is an attempt by the conservative-
majority City Council to appear to be doing something new for Chico residents without actually
doing anything different.
According to the proposed ordinance, if a citizen submits a complaint to the city about an alleged
nuisance and explains how the nuisance impacts them, the city must either "abate the nuisance"
or substantiate a reason why it cannot do so. The measure provides no actual provisions for
enforcement of nuisance complaints.  Nothing will change in terms of nuisance enforcement. The measure will only serve to distract city staff from more important work by requiring them to respond to frivolous nuisance complaints about situations they have no power to change.
Staff time is valuable; it should not be wasted.
Requiring a vote on this measure is an unfortunate and misguided waste of time and taxpayer money. There was no reason to put the measure before the voters; the City Council has full power to enact ordinances of this nature on its
own accord (as pointless as it may be in this case).
We urge a NO vote on Measure L.

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