2020 Butte County Democratic Party Endorsements

President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris

Congressional District 1
Audrey Denney
CA State Assembly District 1 
Cohasset, Magalia, Sterling City, Yankee Hill and Berry Creek are in AD1
Elizabeth Betancourt
CA State Assembly District 3  
Most of Butte County is in AD3.
Jim Henson
Chico City Council
District 1  Curtis Pahlka
District 3  Ann Schwab
District 5  NOT for Republican Coolidge
                   Vote for a Democrat: Lauren Kohler or Randall Stone
District 7  Rich Ober
Chico Unified School District (CUSD)
Caitlin Dalby
Chico Area Recreation & Park District (CARD)
Tom Lando & Michael Worley
Chico Ballot Measures

Measure E Vote YES Provides for a change to the City of Chico Charter to allow for District elections

Measure G Vote YES Changes the age of eligibility to run for Chico City Council to statewide standard

Oroville City Council
Janet GoodsonLisa Torres
Oroville Area School Boards
Thermalito Union Elementary School District: Traceli Biddle -Lewis
Oroville City Elementary School District (OCESD): Sharon Nilsson
Proposition Endorsements
Prop 14 Vote YES Continues stem cell research funding to develop treatments and cures for chronic and life-threatening diseases.
Prop 15
Vote YES Balanced reform that reclaims $12 billion for our local schools and communities.
Prop 16
Vote YES End the ban on affirmative action to level the playing field for women and communities of color.
Prop 17
Vote YES Restores voting rights to Californians who have completed their prison term. Free the Vote!
Prop 18
Vote YES Allows those who turn age 18 by a November general election to vote in that year’s primary elections.
Prop 19
Vote YES Helps seniors, disabled homeowners, and wildfire victims; closes tax loopholes on out-of-state trust fund heirs.
Prop 20
Vote NO Wastes tens of millions on prisons causing cuts to rehabilitation and schools. Stop the Prison Spending Scam!
Prop 21
Vote YES Keeps families in their homes, prevents homelessness, and preserves affordable housing.
Prop 22
Vote NO Exempts Uber and Lyft from providing drivers the benefits they deserve. Drivers’ rights over Uber/Lyft profits.
Prop 23
Vote YES Improves safety and prohibits discrimination in dialysis clinics to protect gravely ill patients.
Prop 24
NEUTRAL Would expand or amend the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.
Prop 25
Vote YES Replaces discriminatory and unjust money bail with a fairer system based on public safety – not ability to pay