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Press release on Mideast violence

For Immediate Release

October 16, 2023


Contact: William Monroe

Corresponding Secretary

(530) 636 5952


In regards to the current terrible situation in the Middle East


The Butte County Democratic Party calls on all parties to de-escalate violence and to cease violent actions against civilian populations.

We believe that the killing of non-combatants is always unjustified whether by governments or by violent non-government groups.

We call for the release of hostages held in Gaza. 

We call for the people of Gaza to be allowed access to the basic essentials of life, including water, electricity, food and medical supplies.

We believe that both the Israeli people and the Palestinian people have a right to live in peace and security and we believe that neither will have true peace and security until both do.

We believe that the actions of Hamas militants are never justification for Islamophobic actions or statements in this country, just as the actions of the current Israeli government are never justification for anti-semitic actions or statements.

We support President Biden and his administration's efforts to protect American citizens and restore peace and stability to the region.
We urge the current U.S. Congress to resolve the issues that prevent it from acting immediately on this crisis.


Richard Ober, Chair;  Janet Goodson, Vice Chair
David Welch, Secretary;   Bill Monroe, Corresponding Secretary;   Kim Morris, Controller

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