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Press release sent to all local media on the day of the Trump insurrection

For immediate Release: January 6th, 2021



As we write this statement, our country is being subjected to one of the most serious acts of domestic terrorism in our history. Not since the Civil War has there been an act of insurrection on this scale. Unlike that act of rebellion, this insurrection was incited by and carried out at the direction of the person holding the highest office in the land. There should be no doubt that Donald Trump is ultimately responsible for the events of the day and that he has been aided and enabled in his seditious course by numerous Republican members of Congress, including our own Congressional Representative, Doug LaMalfa.

The envy of other nations has always been the United States’ peaceful transfer of power. As such, we support the transfer of power to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, not because they are Democrats, but because doing so is the hallmark of our democracy.

The events of this day are the predictable result of several months of blatantly false claims that the election was stolen. Every Republican member of the House or Senate who announced their intention to contest the results of an election that they know was conducted fairly bears some share of responsibility for the tragedy unfolding before us. Every one of them has betrayed their oath to uphold the Constitution and is guilty of sedition. Every one of them is part of a criminal conspiracy against these United States and deserves to be removed from office.

There is not the slightest doubt that the coup Mr. Trump incited will fail, but the attempt itself has done incalculable domestic and international damage to our country and the future survival of our form of government. We must not be complacent just because President-elect Biden will be duly inaugurated soon. We must not forgive or forget those who played their part in inciting these lawless actions.

The Butte County Democratic Party strongly condemns the January 6th actions at the Capitol building and in Washington D.C. The Party also calls on all Americans--regardless of political affiliation—to take a stand against the heinous violence and seditious acts incited by the President and his enablers.

We also call on the residents of Congressional District 1—Democrats and Republicans alike—to hold Representative LaMalfa accountable for his complicity in eroding faith in our democracy.


James Aram, Interim Chairperson


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